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We help property owners, investors and financial institutions repair, renovate and manage their properties.

Whether you want to freshen up a room or need to completely renovate a 100-unit complex, we’re here to help!  20 years of experience owning and renovating properties provides us with a vision and vantage point which sets us apart from other firms.

Property Acquisition

We purchase distressed homes, multi-family units, and commercial properties.
Respecting the beauty of each project, we don't do cookie-cutter "flips".   
We specialize in turning each house into a unique home. 

we will purchase your distressed property

Who it’s for:
Homeowners facing life changes including downsizing, divorce, passing of a loved one, facing foreclosure, etc. 

How we help:
We take an intentional and respective approach to working with our clients.  Understanding that letting go a beloved home can be emotionally taxing for the family, we communicate and collaborate with homeowners throughout the process.

Property Renovation

We are a full-service firm with in-house construction and design teams;
transforming our client's spaces into breathtaking
remodels, transcending the imagination with every single project.

let's remodel your home

Who it’s for:
Anyone wanting to increase the value of their property including home owners, property investors, contractors and realtors, etc.

How we help:
We help our clients envision new possibilities at their project through a fresh and clear lens.  We bring a clean, fresh tv-worthy design to the most unexpected spaces.

Asset Management

MERE PROPERTIES offers management and
maintenance services to residential and commercial property owners. 
We partner with lending institutions to preserve vacant properties.

property management | property preservation

Who it’s for:
Property owners, landlords, bank and other owners of real estate assets.

How we help:
We take care everything from screening and managing tenants, winterizing, grass cutting, cleaning out debris and clearing out belongings, and much, much more. 

Read more kind words from clients

  • “I can’t believe this is the same house.”

    – N.W. | MERE PROPERTIES Client
  • “Wow, this house looks like it’s right out of a magazine!”

    -K.M. | Photographer
  • “You guys did an amazing job!  I can’t wait until you work on my project.”

    – A.M. | Next Door Neighbor of a MERE PROPERTIES project

How Does It Work?

1. Contact Us

Call  908-405-2192 or complete the form below to schedule a call, virtual or in-person walkthrough.

2. Free Consultation

The consultation appointment is where we set the foundation for the transformation to begin.   

3. Custom Design

Each project is unique; therefore, we create a custom design and construction plan for each project.